Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults

Private and affordable counselling and psychotherapy for adults.  

Individual Therapy


    I ensure positive proactive support is provided to my clients to aid recovery progression. I pride myself on developing a relationship with my clients which enables us to explore the underlying causes of their conflicts and behavioural difficulties.

    Online Therapy
    I provide telephone and online counselling using a variety of app’s.
    Online therapy allows a convenient means for us to talk and allows such to continue even when there is a change of circumstances or when a face to face meetings is not possible.
    Eating Disorders
    I listen and respond empathetically to my clients in a confidential setting. I help my clients to identify their current and underlying problems and enable them to decide appropriate courses of action.
    Trauma Therapy
    I help my clients to respond to incidents and work through deep trauma to ensure positive support is provided to aid recovery and progression to personal freedom.
    Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
    I help my clients work open up about their challenges and issues through an agreed action plan. Learn to control anxiety, stress and depression. Learn to overcome fear and embrace mental well being.
    I provide group counselling to students, helping their academic and career progress and personal and social development. I also offer the coordinating, design and delivery of workshops on wellbeing issues for various types of groups.

    Deirdre Coyne, MIACP & MACI

    Hello, I am Deirdre Coyne, counsellor and psychotherapist working in both Dublin and Galway. I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist providing confidential and ethical counselling to individuals and groups. I provide support services to young people, adults and families, seeking counselling. I believe that I will be able to help you in your recovery through the experience I have gained over the last number of years and through the understanding I have of severe trauma.

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